Editorial Guidelines

“I’m always careful. I check, I double-check, and I re-double-check. Sometimes my mind may wander, but my eyes are always wide open.”

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Our goal is to provide you with trustworthy and accurate information. To achieve this, we follow some guidelines. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Accuracy and Fact-Checking:
    • We check our facts carefully and make sure the information we share is correct.
    • If we find any mistakes, we fix them quickly.
  2. Expertise and Reliability:
    • Our team consists of experts in healthcare, nutrition, and wellness.
    • We use reliable sources from experts and trusted organizations.
    • We keep our content up-to-date with the latest information.
  3. Transparency and Disclosure:
    • We’re open about any partnerships, sponsorships, or advertisements that might influence our content.
    • We label sponsored content so you can tell it apart from regular articles.
    • Our authors share their honest opinions, not influenced by external factors.
  4. Balanced and Unbiased Reporting:
    • We present information fairly and without any bias.
    • We cover different viewpoints on controversial topics.
    • We separate personal opinions from factual information.
  5. Privacy and Data Security:
    • We value your privacy and protect your personal information.
    • We follow all privacy regulations when handling your data.
  6. Editorial Independence:
    • Our editorial team makes decisions independently, separate from advertisers or sponsors.
    • Advertisements or sponsored content don’t impact our editorial integrity.
  7. Engaging and Accessible Content:
    • We make our content easy to understand and interesting for everyone.
    • We explain complex ideas in simple language.

These guidelines help us deliver trustworthy information. We review and update our practices regularly to meet your expectations.

Craig M

Owner – Writer – Nutrition Expert

Craig is an avid nootropics fan, with over a decade of experience researching, experimenting, and reviewing cognitive enhancement products. As the founder of a trusted nootropics review website, his expertise, integrity, and commitment to evidence-based information have established him as a go-to resource for reliable and trustworthy advice in the field.


we fact check because facts are truth



Lead Editor – Fact Checker

Josh is an awesome content editor and dedicated fact checker. With an eagle eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy, he ensures that every piece of content he works on is flawless and reliable. Whether it’s verifying information, correcting grammar, or refining the structure, Josh’s expertise guarantees top-notch quality and trustworthy content.

fitness guy

Perry Marcus

Writer – Nutrition Expert

Perry is a known supplement junkie and a self-made fitness guru. With a passion for optimizing physical performance, he explores the world of supplements to enhance his workouts and overall well-being. When he’s not in the gym, you can find Perry cheering for Rangers FC and enjoying a refreshing Red Bull.


Fiona Kirk

JNR Editor – Fact Checker

Fiona Kirk is a passionate nootropics fan and health enthusiast with five years of experience. As a Junior Editor and writer for NewAge Health, she combines her knowledge of cognitive enhancers and her commitment to wellness to deliver insightful and informative content to readers.


Adam King

Writer – Nutrition Nerd

Adam King is a nutrition nerd and freelance writer, passionate about translating complex nutritional science into accessible and inspiring content. With a degree in Nutritional Sciences, Adam empowers readers to make informed choices about their health through evidence-based insights and practical tips.