Meet Our Team

Dr. Reginald Kapetyn

Reginald Kapteyn, D.O. is currently Director of Vivitris Life Sciences in Spring Lake, Michigan, and is a practicing private practitioner at Orthopedic Associates Muskegon. He also serves as a medical consultant for Hydrocision Inc., where he has helped to develop a novel, minimally invasive high-pressured microwater jet for surgical debridement of chronic tendon injuries. He currently is principal investigator for a Western IRB approved study utilizing the TenJet hydrotenotomy device for chronic medial and lateral elbow pain. He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Kapetyn served as an Interventional Pain Fellow at the University of Wisconsin, in the Department of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation. Dr. Kapetyn was also a clinical instructor for the UW School of Medicine, with focused training for interventional spine management. After his fellowship at the University of Wisconsin, Kapteyn accepted a faculty position at the University of Cincinnati, serving as Medical Director at Drake Hospital, an affiliate hospital with University of Cincinnati Physicians. This includes serving as the Director of inpatient and outpatient pain management, including surgical implantation of neurostimulators, pain pumps, kyphoplasty, endoscopic lumbar decompression, and percutaneous tenotomies. 

Dr. Kapetyn completed his residency training at Georgetown University Hospital, and his research fellowship was performed at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland where he was a published author. He completed his surgical fellowship training in sports and spine medicine at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Kapetyn obtained his Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from the West Virginia Scool of Osteopathic Medicine.

Gerald M. Haase, M.D.

Gerald M. Haase is Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine. He is the Principal of Rocky Mountain Medical Research and co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Premier Micronutrient Corporation, an antioxidant science research and development company. Dr. Haase has been actively involved in medical research & clinical trials for over 35 years, including the design of central venous access devices, applications for intra-operative radiation therapy in pediatric solid tumors, technical surgical innovations in adult and childhood cancer, and development of novel strategies for antioxidant micronutrient therapy to achieve optimal health. In these efforts, he was Vice Chairman of the Children’s Cancer Group, a cooperative research enterprise of the National Institutes of Health. In addition, he received logistic and financial support from the United States Congress and developed extensive collaborative research programs with the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

Dr. Haase is also the co-founder of CURE, a not-for-profit foundation assisting China in the management of children with cancer. He has traveled to Asia more than 25 times and has partnered with government, universities and hospitals to advance unique health care initiatives in traditional and integrative medicine. He has published 180 scientific papers, is the inventor or co-inventor of nine issued U.S. patents for antioxidant micronutrient therapy, has five patent applications pending and has been the recipient of clinical research grants & contracts funded at a several million-dollar cumulative level. He has been an editorial reviewer for numerous journals including Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Cancer, and American Journal of Diseases of Childhood and was a member of the editorial board of Annals of Surgical Oncology. He has also participated with the International Office of the National Cancer Institute and has been an examiner in pediatric surgery for the American Board of Surgery.

Dr. Haase received his undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University and M.D. degree from Tufts University School of Medicine with graduate honors in research. His surgical training was at the University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center, Harvard Medical School (Boston Children’s Hospital) and Ohio State University, School of Medicine (Nationwide Children’s Hospital). He is a member of more than 25 professional societies in the medical field.

James Ehrlich, M.D.

Dr. James Ehrlich is a Clinical Associate Professor in Endocrinology at the University of Colorado, and was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the department of medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington DC from 1999-2012. Over the past 15 years, Ehrlich has made over 200 appearances on national and regional TV and radio discussing new methods for the early detection of disease and emerging concepts in prevention and personalized medicine. Currently, Dr. Ehrlich is the National Cardiology Director for CardioDx, a Redwood City cardiovascular molecular diagnostics company. He is board certified in two fields, anesthesiology and obesity medicine. Ehlrich established Early Detection Technologies, LLC which advises on best practices involving novel biomarker, diagnostic testing and cardiovascular risk assessment, imaging technologies and radiation protection.

Dr. Ehrlich graduated with honors from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1976 at age 23, with residency training at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where he had been a Clinical Asst. Professor in the department of anesthesiology, a specialty he had practiced for twenty years. As a creative endeavor, Ehrlich is currently writing the novel which forms the basis for a medical detective television drama series he co-created, currently being shopped in Los Angeles.



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